Selling Tips

Maximize Your Profit and the Chances of Selling Fast

The home selling process typically starts several months before it is put on the market. To maximize the profit and limit the selling time it is necessary to look at a home through the eyes of a prospective buyer and define what can be improved to make the property more attractive.

Typically, relatively small efforts can make a huge difference. Painting, cleaning and repairing may make the whole difference. Also you should be aware that nothing triggers the imagination in the buyers mind as open spaces.

Find the Right Partner

When you are ready to sell you should make the effort of finding the right real estate agent, whether you are marketing a luxury villa, or economy apartment. Try to compare the services that the different real estate agencies are providing and see how they best meet your needs. What kind of exposure of your property through marketing channels is provided? What kind of personal service are you receiving? Will the broker take care of everything?

In the end you need someone who can sell your property at the right price and in the right time while you sit back and focus on other things.

This is in Short What Ritter Real Estate Services Can Offer You:

• A real estate agent takes the detailed information of your property.
• The agent visits your property and takes photos which reflect the advantages of the property.
• Based on his or her experience, the agent will guide you through the necessary improvements needed to help sell your property more effectively.
• A price is agreed upon based on the appraised level in the area and the specific qualities of your property.
• Throughout the whole process we offer you expert advice and support and can answer any question that you might have.
• Our customer service department will follow up to ensure satisfaction with our
delivered services.